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If your club is looking for a court booking system that will operate on-line and that fits your club's requirements 100%, give me a call. I developed the court booking system for 3 courts at Kintbury Tennis Club and 12 courts at Maidenhead Tennis Club (This includes 2 courts open to the general public and one mini-red). The point being that both clubs had very different requirements.
The system I've developed at has the flexibility to cope with a club's changing daily/weekly programme, and easily lets you block off courts for regular bookings or for one-off events. It is also easy to set a different schedule for every court, every day of the week, and to automatically switch-over from one period to another e.g. from the winter to the summer season, where the weekly schedule may be different. It is also easy to set up courts to allow different courts to be booked for different time periods and by different members.

Whether you have a small club like Kintbury or a big club like Maidenhead I can give you a court booking system that
* lets you schedule your weekly calendar into the system
* recognises automatically whether a booking is made for the summer season, winter season, or any special period you require
* allows specific timeslots to be booked by certain members only (e.g. adults or coaches)
* accommodates different member types (and non-members) e.g. social or full
* allows administrators to amend or overwrite bookings
* simply works in the way your club wants it to work

Because I offer this service as a tennis enthusiast, not as a business, it will cost you very little. Basic set-up will involve a one-off charge (depending on the complexity of the set-up) and just a nominal amount for the hosting. What is described here is just a taste of what they system can do. It has the power to do even more, such as restricting bookings to doubles play, and setting controls that mean that members can't abuse the system. And it doesn't only look after courtbookings. It also has the functionality to look after your members, making it easier to keep in touch, to handle renewals and subscription payments and even to manage your ballot for Wimbledon tickets.

You have nothing to lose by asking. Give me Graeme Coulam, a call on 01635 41547 and if I can help you, I will.
If I can't, I'll tell you straight away.
If you prefer, you can check out my website


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