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Q: When does the membership period start and finish?

A: The season runs from May 1st and ends on April 30th. You can renew your membership at the Open day (which is on April 25th, 2010). If you can't be at the Open Day, please make sure you pay your membership in full before May 1st. It isn't fair on other members if you don't pay, and it's not fair on our Membership Secretary if he has to chase you for your subscriptions.

Q: How do I obtain a clubhouse key and are there any restrictions on who can have one?

A: There are no restrictions. All full members can apply for a key. There is a payment of 10 to be made, and you will be refunded this money if you relinquish your key.

Q: Who is allowed to use the club balls?

A: Club balls are only available for general use on Clubnight on Wednesday evenings. At other times, match balls will be made available for matches. For your own games, please bring your own balls.

Q: When am I allowed to use the ball machine?

A : Kintbury Tennis Club is lucky to have a state of the art ball machine. Whilst the ball machine is available for you to use at any time, you should ask to be shown how it works and make sure it is safely put away after use. Only members over the age of 16 are allowed to operate the ball machine. Juniors can only use it under supervision of an adult. We've published some instructions to help you use the machine, but it's probably best to get some training first.

Q: Am I allowed to bring guests to the club?

A: Yes. Guests should pay 5 per session, limited to 3 in one year, and the money should be placed in the box in the clubhouse. You should also fill in the visitors' book, with the name of your guest and how much you have paid.

Q: How can I obtain tokens for the flood lights and how much are they?

A: See this page re floodlights.

Q: When can I play under the lights?

A: You can play under lights at any time up to 10pm. The lights are programmed to go off at this time. Use of the lights is free to members on clubnight. Guests should make a contribution of 2.00 towards the cost of the lights when they play under lights, in addition to their visitor's fee.

Q: When are Club nights and what can I expect of them?

A: Clubnight for adults is every Wednesday starting at 6.30pm. Juniors are invited to join in on Clubnights, but adults have priority. Juniors have priority access to the courts after school before 6.30pm on every evening. All members are able to come to clubnight, and the standard is very mixed. Members generally play one set of doubles before relinquishing the courts to anyone waiting to play. If lots of people are waiting, players usually play a short set (first to five games rather than the usual 6). That way everyone gets a game. Beginners may also be invited to make up a foursome, according to who is present, and better players will 'go easy' on the beginners and help you to improve. We now have a barbecue too so if you bring some food and drink, you can make a proper night of it!

Q: Is there any coaching available and how much does it cost?

A: The club does not employ a coach, but we do have a coach available who can arrange private lessons at times that suit you (subject to court availability for matches and clubnight). The coach will agree a price with you and anyone joining your session. The more of you there are the cheaper it will be.

Q: Where do I find the measure to adjust the net height?

A: There is a measure in the clubhouse. Please use it and return it, and lower the nets again after you have finished playing.

Q: What happens if I find all the courts are being used?

A: On a match night, you may have to wait til after 9pm for the courts to become free. The teams have priority to complete their fixtures. The home page of this site, will tell you if a match is being played today. On club night, anyone playing should invite you on to the court after their set is finished.

Q: Is there a dress code for playing at Kintbury Tennis Club?

A: Not as such, though you should wear proper tennis shoes. See also club rules.

Q: I see there are 3 gates to the courts. Is there a particular gate I should use?

A: Ideally, you should use the gates at the same end as the clubhouse to avoid disturbing players on the near court. Please only use the gate by the skate park for retrieving balls that have been hit out the back.

Q: Are the courts locked?

A: Yes they are. All gates are fitted with a combination lock. You will have been sent the code for the locks at the time the locks were fitted, or at the time you joined the club. Please check your emails. If you cannot remember the code, please log-in to the members only section of this site. The number is published on the landing page after logging in. Keep the number secret and bear in mind, it will change from time to time.

Q: Can I book a court?

A: Yes you can. Go to court booking pages in member's-only section. You'll have to avoid match days and clubnight as matches take priority but otherwise there are plenty of dates in the calendar for you to book your own games..... or just take a chance and turn up. Courts are often free, and club rules say that players have to give way after a set to anyone waiting to get on court.

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