Privacy statement for Kintbury Tennis Club

When you join Kintbury Tennis Club we ask for your name, contact details, date of birth (if under 18 or over 65) and any relevant health information. You are not obliged to give us any of this information, but if you have done so it is used by the club soley for the purpose of managing your membership, setting joining fees, and keeping you informed of relevant activities within the club. We do not share your data with any other party (see below), sell or otherwise distribute your details.
We also supplement your personal data with other information such as your BTM, your playing standard (relevant to team play) and whether you hold a post on committee. We also record when and how you paid your subs, to enable us to keep our accounts in order. We do not see or hold any financial information about you.
You have the right to see what data is held, and can request deletion of any part of that data at any time. You can also withdraw your consent to receiving emails or texts from club session coordinators, captains and the club commmittee by contacting the chair of the club on and asking for your preferences to be altered.
The club will share your name with the tennis leagues we play in for the purpose of conforming to the league rules about player eligibility, but no data other than your name is shared. The names of team captains will also be shared with the leagues, along with some contact information that allows the captain to carry out their duties.
Your data is only seen by the club's chair, membership secretary, treasurer and data controller. They have password protected access to an online database, connected over SSL.
If you have BTM, the LTA will hold its own data about you and your connection to our club.

If you have any concerns please contact Graeme Coulam.