Women's tennis at Kintbury

ladies photo Kintbury Tennis Club ladies compete in the summer league of the NDLTA, and also in the mixed leagues (winter and summer). Unfortunately, the women's matches only allow for two x doubles, so it is sometimes hard to give everyone the chance to play in the teams. That said, we also have mixed teams, and we hope to arrange some friendly mixed and ladies fixtures for the women who want some competitive games but can't get a spot in the teams.

ladies photo There are also plenty of other opportunities for women to play at Kintbury, and of course, everyone is welcome at our regular club sessions. There is also a small group of ladies that meet regularly midweek. They would be delighted if more women were to join them, but this is not a club session as such so times and details do vary.

If you are interested in women-only tennis, whether competitive or not, and want to contact other women in the club, you can do this via the website. In the members' only section, there is a contact members page that allows you to send an email to other members. You can choose whether to send it just to the ladies, or whether to include the men as well! You can also choose whether to send it to all the ladies, or only to those who match your standard; beginner, average, or team players. ladies photo