Wimbledon tickets

As a member of Kintbury Tennis Club, provided you are also an opted-in member of BTM, you are eligible to go into our draw for the allocation of Wimbledon tickets that we receive every year. Tickets must be paid for, but you are still improving your chance of getting tickets by joining our club (you don't need to play to qualify for being in the draw).

In 2016, we received the following allocation.

Centre 10/07/2016
Centre 04/07/2016
Centre 28/06/2016
Centre 27/06/2016
Number 1 06/07/2016
Number 1 05/07/2016
Number 1 04/07/2016
Number 1 02/07/2016
Number 1 29/06/2016
Number 2 01/07/2016
Number 2 27/06/2016