Committee at Kintbury Tennis Club

A club like Kintbury relies on volunteers to do everything. We have no employed help. The grass is mowed by members, the clubhouse needs to be kept clean by members, and all the fundraising, event organisation, match planning and so on, relies on people giving their time and effort willingly and generously. We always need more volunteers so please do consider giving something back to the club, even if it's only the odd hour here and there. If we share the load it need not be a burden on anyone.

The Committee at Kintbury Tennis Club exists to serve its members, and a lot of background effort goes in to keeping the club running.
The committee for the season May 1st, 2017 to April 30th, 2018 is as follows

The Management committee is

Chairperson : Gareth Miles - 01488657841

Membership secretary : Rikki Davies

Treasurer : Gavin Rowell

Secretary : Rachel Shepherd

The following are committee members

member : Rhoda Bashford

member : Graeme Coulam

member : Roxy Cox

member : Josh Harris

member : John Howell

member : Roy Hutchings

member : Ray Kite

member : Richard Wintgens

If you would like to join committee, please speak to any committee member. Whatever your skills, whatever your limitations, we would love to welcome you on board.

Outside of the committee, many other members contribute to the club in their roles as team captains, competition organisers, event caterers etc. We thank them all for their efforts.